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Quality Assurance






Tasty Chips continually strives to improve processes and quality systems with the growth of the business and the ever evolving industry. The Quality Assurance Team ensures that our quality and processes are kept at the highest level.

Tasty Chips is SQF-HACCP Certified which is regarded as one of the highest quality systems in the food industry, ensuring quality of the products are maintained from the farm to the consumer. Consumers throughout the world are demanding safe quality food. The SQF system is a HACCP management system that encapsulates NACMCF and CODEX HACCP principles and guidelines. SQF enables a business to demonstrate that they can supply food that is safe and meets the quality specified by a customer. The SQF system is designed to offer benefits to business at all links in the food supply chain. Products produced under the SQF system retain the highest degree of acceptance in the marketplace.